As of late I have not had a single toon in a guild, and when I say as of late I mean at lest 6 months but recently I had jumped on my druid wich Is a boomkin although he was levels from level 10 to 85 as a resto Druid. Well any how back to my first thought I happened to jump on my druid and run a couple of 5 man regulars as a boomkin and was trying to figure out my rotation as this was my first time in a dungeon as Dps on my druid. unannounced to me their was someone in their from my realm and didn’t realise it and soon after they invited me to join there guild, but I said thanks but no I am no longer a raider and I just level, farm herbs and run random regular 5 man’s. That Is when he told me that the guild wasnt a raiding guild and focused more on leveling and some 5 man stuff, so I figured that I would give it a try. I now have a new guild, but as usual I’m just another anonymous number in the ranks doing my normal whip tail runs in Uldum when someone asked in G-chat if anyone wanted to help out a level 84 run some random dungeons and why I said I would I have no clue but I did and got invited to the group and was promptly asked to sign into Vent! Yikes This is a scary thing for me I’m going to have to be talking to strangers I don’t like this idea at all but I’m trying to be a little more out going, So I do as im asked and join in vent and the person in charge of the group starts to talk and more to the point to me. He was very friendly and nice as we continued on through 4 regular 5 mans that night and I had a blast.

I made a new friend.

I long in the next night and go on about my normal thing and a few minutes in later I get a pm from someone asking me to help out with a Heroic Dead mines. It was the same person as the previous night and he likes my play style and the conversations we were having. As it turns out he is the GM of my new little home although It’s not as little as I thought it was we have just over 800 toons in the guild with just over 550 members as he tells me that he likes the guild more as a leveling guild and a helping guild, even though people to come and go because we don’t have a strong raid presents some do raid when they can get people together to do it that is not what the guild is all about.

Finlay a home

I may have found my self a new permanent home as it has a friendly core group of people and focused on what I am focused on for the most part. I hoop I have found a place In WoW to finally hang my hat at permanently, for I am enjoying it far more than I have actually enjoyed the game in almost a year or two. So if this works out I may be bringing the rest of my toons over to my new home soon.