Ten things you didnt know about me, wow there a lot of things most people dont know about me.


1. Im shy and with drawn.

2. I am a only child and my father didnt want anything to do with me.

3. I am x millitary, spent 9 years in the Army until a accedent made it impossable for me to perform my dutys. Medical discharge

4. I only have one child and didn’t have him untill I was 40.

5. I love drawing but never tried to publish or post anything. The possibility of rejection of my art would crush me completely.

6. I have a degree in Philosophy, and it is not worth the paper it’s printed on. I mean who gets a degree in Philosophy any how?

7. I love to read books. most kinds of books too.

8. I am left-handed and most of the people on my mother’s side are also left-handed.

9. I pretend to me mean and grumpy to keep people at bay so I wont get to know then and that way there is no chance for them to let me down disappoint me or betray me in any way.

10. I dont like the cold and snow of winter but I chosse to live in Mishigan, I was born and raised here so It’s home to me.