20 Days of WoW blogging Day 6 – Your work place.

what can I say other then its perty low-end. It’s only a dual core with 4gigs of ram, but It does have a Nvidia Gforce 9600 gt with 1gig of ram and dual monitors. Twi HP, HP w2007’s wich I got from a friend. Defently not a power house but it does the job nicely.



20 Days of WoW blogging Day 5 – Favourite item(s) in game.

It is hands down my first dungeon set I ever received on my hunter wich is the BeastStalker set you got from running Black Rock spire, Stratholme and Scholomance to get the full set. This set took like what seemed years to get and I had a great time getting them and I will always love this set. Other than that I would say it is my Blue Proto drake that I have on my paladin although I wish I had the drake on my hunter.

20 days of WoW blogging challenge – Day 4 your best WoW memory.

My best WoW memory, That’s kind of hard this game has been part of my life for such a long time now.  I would probably say when every I get to gether with my real life friends at their house and we WoW together that way and make a kind of party out of it. After all isn’t a mmo more about the people then anything else, sure there’s the dungeons, quests, rep grind and even new shinny gear but first and foremost to me its all about the people you play with. It’s the life long friend ships you make with other like-minded people who you are enjoying this game with even if you have only ever talked in vent and have never even meet them in person you make a bond with them. Then there are the people you your everyday life that you see all the time that you play this game with and get together for other stuff and enjoy being there with and for each other. To me that is why I keep playing WoW! Other wise I would just stick to plain ol single person R.P.G’s. It is all about the social aspect of the game plain and simple.

You see we crave each others company man and woman love inter action with each other no matter what kind of entertainment you chose you still like there to be other people with you or near you to enjoy it to its fulest, So my best memory in WoW would be any day that I can hang out with my friends and play World of WarCraft together.

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge, Day 3 – My first day playing WoW

My first day playing WoW, It’s been so long that I can hardly remember it. I logged in and created a orc hunter I thought that would be cool, for I had looked up all the different class’s at the time and saw you got a pet with your hunter and he would help you hunt your pray. Little did I realise that you didn’t get him till level 10 at that time the first 5 or 6 level’s went by with relitve ease then I left my starter area and as a brave new orc hunter ventured out into the next area wich was Sin’jin village and picked up some quests from the trolls there. At that time they didn’t really give you a hint as to were to goto to do the quests except for in your quest text there were no areas marked on the map back then.  Over the next few levels I died a few times. but as I was getting closer to level 10 and preparing to get my pet I was getting a tiny bit more proficient as a hunter.

This is supposed to be about your first day in WoW, but it is more about my first couple of days you see back when I started wich was around two months after launch you didn’t reach level 10 on any class very fast and as a hunter under level 10 with no pet to do your tanking, It took a little while longer to get there. That was my first day in WoW all those years ago.

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge, Day 2 – Why I decided to start a blog.

I would say first and foremost I wanted to do it so I could get the practice of writing and getting Peoples feed back on my writing. I am not the best writer and my punctuation leaves something to be desired, So this is kind of learing experience for me you could say.

Why another hunter blog you say there are lots of them out there and are quite good or down right awesome and I would have to agree, but it’s what I know the best. My main is a hunter since day one wich by the way is almost since the beginning of WoW it’s self. Don’t get me wrong I have played other class’s extensively and do very good with them it’s just that I am so much more comfortable with my hunter I know him inside and out and he actually started In another game. In Elder scrolls morowind I played a Kajite wich is a cat-like humanoid and he was a ranged assain and my hunter Kajite was born and just grew from there on.

I thank all those who visit my blog and I do appreciate the comments everyone leaves. I try to take them to heart and see what I can work on to make this a better blog.

20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge, Day 1 – Introduce yourself

What Is there to say about me, I am a 45-year-old male that is married to a perty terrific woman and have a very ener jetic 5-year-old son. Yes I know it was late in life to have a child and he is my only one keeping me very, very busy most of the time. I work as a middle level manager for one of the largest grocery retail chains in the world and it can be a stressful job, So gaming and in particular WoW at this time. My first MMO was Ultima and then I moved over to Final Fantasy, Then when WoW cam out I was all over it been playing since almost the begging. Other things about me I have always loved robotics and building and programing hobby robots and will someday creat a robot that I can download my self too hahahaha I love playing pen and paper R.P.G. with my friends but havent gotten together since just before thanks giving. Me and the wife are going on 10 years of marriage and I couldn’t be happier she is wonderful and very understanding about my gaming obsession and lets me have as much fun as I want as long as I don’t neglect her or the boy for to long of a period of time.

A new begining

A new begining.