Warlords of Draenor


So it has been announced, Warlords of Draenor at Blizz con 2013. So we will be playing In what used to be Draenor before it was ripped asunder and became out lands, yes kids this is a time travel expansion pack. I my self will not be getting it to  the headache of time travel paradoxes.


What do we get with this xpac, well a lot actually


  1. New world: Draenor
  2. Build and upgrade your Garrison= player housing
  3. New character models
  4. Level cap raised to 100
  5. New dungeons and raids
  6. Boost to 90 and play immediately


So basicly what happens is Garrosh Hellscream escapes and travels back in time to Draenor before the orcs drank the demon blood and became the Horde. He wants to rebuild them as the Iron Horde. And this is the bassist for or next xpac.





There will be 7 new dungeons at launch to run through.


  • Blood Maul slag mines
  • Black Rock Depot
  • Auchindoun
  • Arakkoa Spires
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  • Iron Barracks
  • Returning – Upper Black rock Spire


With black Upper Black rock spire playing a prominent role in the Warlords of Drarnor storyline, but in a entirely new context.




There are also going to be 3 brand new raids at launch time to.


  • Black rock Foundry
  • High maul
  • World bosses



New Raid structure

         in 6.0 Raid finder will be 10-25 mans and flex will be normal 10-25 and the old normal 10, 25 will now be 10-25 Heroic. The old heroic 10 and 25 man will now be 20 man Mythic.


       This is what I have been waiting for, player housing and its customizable and upgradeable. So you start to build your garrison and add buildings then attract followers, witch are NPC’s that you can send on missions and quests for you. As you gain levels from 90-100 your followers get better and gain more power and are more likely to be able to finish missions successfully In the begin you will send then out on missions that are say 1 hour 3 hours or even a day, but soon they will be gone a week at a time.

      Upgrading your Barracks will do two things, one it will change the look of the building on the out side, but will also change things you can do. Such as have a bigger barracks to house more followers and better miners who can mine more or in a shorter time. Or even strike a epic vain every so often.

   I think this will be a very fun xpac over all even with the time travel stuff throughout in.