Managing your gaming with your real life responsibility can be a very difficult thing to do especially if you have no self-control and do not set priorities. To have a happy and healthy relationship with your spouse and children you must give them the time and attion they need and deserve, but in return they must give you what you need and if that’s time for gaming then you need to work out a system so you all are happy. With me I don’t usually play before 8pm during the week and almost never on the weekend, as the weekend is family time and is the only time I get to see my wife and son together as a family.

So what do I set as priorities well my family are always number one, then comes work and after that it is entertainment which for me is gaming. During the week I’m home in the evening with my son and he goes to bed at 8pm so from 8 till when I need to goto bed to get enough sleep to function well at work is when I play. On the weekend it’s all about the family so that’s what I do is spend time with the wife and son.

Priority’s, so if they were not where they needed to be and I just gamed when ever I thought, I wouldn’t have a happy wife as i wouldn’t be spending the time with her and giving her the attion she deserves and my son would possibly think I don’t love him, So I must as we all must manage are gaming and it will be different for everyone as each persons life will be a little or a lot different.

In closing you must figure out your priorities and stick to them.