My best WoW memory, That’s kind of hard this game has been part of my life for such a long time now.  I would probably say when every I get to gether with my real life friends at their house and we WoW together that way and make a kind of party out of it. After all isn’t a mmo more about the people then anything else, sure there’s the dungeons, quests, rep grind and even new shinny gear but first and foremost to me its all about the people you play with. It’s the life long friend ships you make with other like-minded people who you are enjoying this game with even if you have only ever talked in vent and have never even meet them in person you make a bond with them. Then there are the people you your everyday life that you see all the time that you play this game with and get together for other stuff and enjoy being there with and for each other. To me that is why I keep playing WoW! Other wise I would just stick to plain ol single person R.P.G’s. It is all about the social aspect of the game plain and simple.

You see we crave each others company man and woman love inter action with each other no matter what kind of entertainment you chose you still like there to be other people with you or near you to enjoy it to its fulest, So my best memory in WoW would be any day that I can hang out with my friends and play World of WarCraft together.