My first day playing WoW, It’s been so long that I can hardly remember it. I logged in and created a orc hunter I thought that would be cool, for I had looked up all the different class’s at the time and saw you got a pet with your hunter and he would help you hunt your pray. Little did I realise that you didn’t get him till level 10 at that time the first 5 or 6 level’s went by with relitve ease then I left my starter area and as a brave new orc hunter ventured out into the next area wich was Sin’jin village and picked up some quests from the trolls there. At that time they didn’t really give you a hint as to were to goto to do the quests except for in your quest text there were no areas marked on the map back then.  Over the next few levels I died a few times. but as I was getting closer to level 10 and preparing to get my pet I was getting a tiny bit more proficient as a hunter.

This is supposed to be about your first day in WoW, but it is more about my first couple of days you see back when I started wich was around two months after launch you didn’t reach level 10 on any class very fast and as a hunter under level 10 with no pet to do your tanking, It took a little while longer to get there. That was my first day in WoW all those years ago.