I would say first and foremost I wanted to do it so I could get the practice of writing and getting Peoples feed back on my writing. I am not the best writer and my punctuation leaves something to be desired, So this is kind of learing experience for me you could say.

Why another hunter blog you say there are lots of them out there and are quite good or down right awesome and I would have to agree, but it’s what I know the best. My main is a hunter since day one wich by the way is almost since the beginning of WoW it’s self. Don’t get me wrong I have played other class’s extensively and do very good with them it’s just that I am so much more comfortable with my hunter I know him inside and out and he actually started In another game. In Elder scrolls morowind I played a Kajite wich is a cat-like humanoid and he was a ranged assain and my hunter Kajite was born and just grew from there on.

I thank all those who visit my blog and I do appreciate the comments everyone leaves. I try to take them to heart and see what I can work on to make this a better blog.