What Is there to say about me, I am a 45-year-old male that is married to a perty terrific woman and have a very ener jetic 5-year-old son. Yes I know it was late in life to have a child and he is my only one keeping me very, very busy most of the time. I work as a middle level manager for one of the largest grocery retail chains in the world and it can be a stressful job, So gaming and in particular WoW at this time. My first MMO was Ultima and then I moved over to Final Fantasy, Then when WoW cam out I was all over it been playing since almost the begging. Other things about me I have always loved robotics and building and programing hobby robots and will someday creat a robot that I can download my self too hahahaha I love playing pen and paper R.P.G. with my friends but havent gotten together since just before thanks giving. Me and the wife are going on 10 years of marriage and I couldn’t be happier she is wonderful and very understanding about my gaming obsession and lets me have as much fun as I want as long as I don’t neglect her or the boy for to long of a period of time.