As of late I have not been in game much, Along with a lot of people I have been trying out Star Wars the old republic or Swtor for short. L along with the holidays it has been a very very busy time in my household. Visually the game is stunning and the questing is awesome I love the ability to give different answers to the npc you are interacting with. I will not be switching over to Swtor It is a system hog I have a computer that is under a year old with 1gig NVIDIA card and 8gig ram and still sometimes I can see blocky ness and lagging in the screen and there is also the fact that I still love WOW very, very much and still have a lot of real life friends that are still playing WOW. What to do now that my hunter has completed all He wants to in this expansion? I have started a gnome warlock and at level 10 I started running him around in battlegrounds and I am having a blast being a pest. I pick a target and put on my three DOTS’ then run to find another target and then another and another oh what fun this has been.

I wait in anticipation of Mop and I know I have a bit of a wait and I will be here waiting for it to come out. As for now I think I will continue with the Loc and I might get out my priest and finish leveling him up that would give me one of each healing class.