These are always strange times in the life cycle of an expansion the very last patch before the new expansion that will come out. We know this will be the Mists of pandara and it will take place on the content of Pandara, but the thing is that at this point most people have completed all that they want to in the game be for the next expansion. its getting harder to get groups for dungeons the Q’s for dungeons are getting longer unless you’re a tank or healer and even as a healer its taking longer to get a dungeon no where s as long as a dps but it’s geting longer. Yes I am sure some of this may be in due to the recent release of SWTOR. So like I said most have completed what they want to in-game whether that be dungeons, raids, pet collection or even grinding factions with different groups. So what is there to keep your interest when you have completed all that you have wanted too what keeps you logging back in every night to keep playing untill the next expansion.