My own Legendary weapon would of course be for my Hunter and would be a bow.

Thal’dalish Heart of the corruption.

Ranged                                                      Speed:3.20


Damage 1850 – 2879

(854.3 damage per second)

  • 218 Agility

  • 238 Stamina

Equip: you no longer have a chance to miss on any target.

Equip: Increases your haste by 25%

Equip: Each time you use your Cobra shot ability you are healed for 3% of your total health and you pet is healed for 5% of it’s total health.

This is my legendary and it is quite a weapon to say the least. First off you no longer have to worry about a hit rating, So you can now work on other stats such a haste or crit to increase your dps out put.

Quest lines for this will start in north rend and they Wrymrest accord and you are to track down A old dwarf hunter Named Hager Norcan who knows where you can start looking for the raw martereals and parts for your new gun. This would be a long epic journey for me and my bear yogurt but in the end we would have had an adventure of a life time. And one final note to this is its stats would always scale with my pet and my ability and level.