In Cataclysm the beast master hunter rotation is more of a priority rotation then specific order. You will be spending you time managing you cool downs. First you need to make sure your in aspect of the hawk the apply hunter’s mark and serpent sting after this your rotation will be the following.

1. Hunters mark every time you change to a new target.

2. Kill command every time it’s up. (It requires 40 focus)

3. Serpent sting (this will be refreshed every time you use cobra shot.

4. Kill shot (when target is below 20% health.

5. Arcane shot (use this to bleed off extra focus, but remember you will need to keep 40 focuses for when your Kill command is off cool down.

6. Cobra shot (This will regenerate focus and also refreshes your serpent sting)

Kill command is your main ability as a beast master and you should use it every time it is off of cool down. Using Arcane shoot to bleed off your extra focus and then when you start to get low on focus use cobra shoot to gain focus back and reapply serpent sting.

Focus Fire Should be used every time it process and you will get a big signal on your screen every time this happens. This will give you a 15% hast boost witch helps with your focus regeneration.

Fervor. Instantly adds 50 focuses to both you and your pet it is a nice boost to your focus when you need to burn down a boss.

Bestial wrath. With 1 point into the best within your pet cause’s 20% more damage for 10 sec. And you deal 10% more damage for 10 sec. And reducing the focus cost of all shots by 50% for 10 sec.

Rapid fire Increases your ranged attack speed by 50% for 10 sec.

Cool downs you should use in every single encounter:

Bestial wrath


Rapid fire

Cool downs Should be used immediately and for the full length that they are active (such as don’t activate bestial wrath and only use say 6 or 7 seconds worth of it then stop firing. A good way to use them would be say like this Bestial wrath, spam Kill command and arcane shot, and then pop Fervor when your focus is depleted and then start using Cobra shot to regain focus.


Prime Glyph’s

1. Kill Command

2. Kill Shoot

3. Arcane shoot

Major Glyph’s

1. Bestial wrath

2. Trap launcher

3. Mending

Minor Glyph’s

1. Feign death

2. Revive pet

3. Your choice