This the new shared topic for BlogAzeroth. first thought of by Rioriel.

Time passes, in real life and in WoW. But except for how long a day and a year are, we know virtually nothing about the calendar in Azeroth. Are there also twelve months in Azeroth as there are here? How long are they? Only because February is 28 days long in the calendars of Western civilizations doesn’t mean Azeroth’s February has to have the same length.
As there are many different civilizations with their own languages spread throughout Azeroth, what names might the days and months have?


So How would the day’s week’s and month’s past in wow for my toon. I would have to look at it from the point of view of my hunter who was a orphin and raised by dwarfs. As my hunter spends most of his time in the woods hunting he would more the likely but using a 3 month or 1/4 calendar to measure the seasons. What he would be able to hunt and where he could hunt such thing. As winter sets in for most of Azeroth he would probably ether make his way to Outlands to hunt Clefhoof for meat and fur or head towards Thelsamare For the winter season to spend it with his old friends from when he was growing up. For what he would call them would probably be related closely to how the Dwarfs look at their calendar. He would also more than likely celibate their special holidays for the most part.