Well the latest shared topic from Blog Azeroth.  This weeks topic is, what would you do if your main was ported to the real world. where would they stay what would they where. Or the better question is what would they do with their powers to help out in the world.


Well since I’m a hunter, I would probably find my self some kind of old style of pub or in to stay at. He is a Night Elf hunter and but was raised by Dwarfs due to the  fact that his parents were both killed in a skirmish with Ogers. He would be right at home in a place like this, it would be like being right at home there. As for food anything he could forage in the woods or forest to eat.  What to ware probably lose fitting clothes of earth tones or natural colors.

To help out with his special skill my hunter would spend a lot of time doing what he does in-game, that would be hunting. Where he would gather meat and skins to help feed the hungry and clothe the less fourtenet in the area as it is a hard striken area that has lost most of its industry and what farms are left are perty much failing. being a leather worker he would be making clothing for them who needs it.


So Kajite inn are world would try to be the best person he could be by helping out those people who are unable to help them self. and enjoy the life that he has found here and has started here.


Amerence Was the one to come up with this topic this time around.