As you all know my main is a lvl85 BM hunter, but I have multiple 85’s at this point and one of them is a lvl85 Shaman that is specked elemental, and very well geared for that speck. Any way a few guildys of mine have asked me to heal some of the reg 5man’s for justice points so they can get a few pieces of their new 378i lvl gear. Needless to say my Shaman is off specked in resto with not the greatest gear for that spec. I think his Average I lvl is around 324.  So we drop into Stonecore and easy enough dungeon the only part I hate is the drake boss with all the pillars and people are not in line of sight to heal them. Well were On first boss and I Have Earth shield and riptide on tank and am using Healing wave to heal everyone up and a chain heal here and there if people are lined up. Next thing I know I’m out of mana and tank goes down, then one, two and three DPS. Some how I managed to get away. I apologized and rezed every one we went at it again and same thing happened. I was confused at to whats going on im in the right speck and had the right glyphs up. So I’m trying to figure this out when Them tank says Hey I see you have an axe in your Mh and Of arent you supposed to have a shield of something other than a weapon in your off-hand. A sinking realization that I still had my DPS gear on and my mana pool was terabley small.


I switched out the gear and went about my business of healing my guildys and managed to get in 6 runs tonight. Six years and there’s always something you can be a newb at even if just for a little while.


I would like to thank somnar_SWC over at for His help with healing suggestions on my shaman. Thanks a bunch man I do appreciate it a lot.