Nagrand Orcish for “Land of Winds” Was formerly the homeland of the Frostwolf clan, and the meeting grounds of the Orcish people, where the Kosh’harg celebrations were held twice every year. The clans would assemble at the base of their sacred mountain, Oshu’gun, and give thanks to the spirits.

During the war against the drenei, Prophet Velen and a  group of Priests made their way to Oshu’gun, The vessel that brought them to Draenor. Where they were taken prisoner by Durotan and the Frostwolf clan, and eventually released. The Reason that Durotan came up with was that the Draenei allowed themselves to be taken and there for there was no honor in holding them. When the elements abandoned the Orcish people, it was here At the base of Oshu’gun that Gul’dan showed the Orcihs people the magic of the warlock. Today the Mag’har the orcs who did not partake of the blood of Mannoroth and cut themselves off from the other corrupted clans, make their home here, as do the Kurenai, broken Draenei seeking to find their destiny.

Nagrand Is the only unscarred region left in Outland. It is the ancestral home of the Orcs and the birth place of Shamanism. today it is a fertile land where elemental and mortal begins come to gether on a regular basis.


Green and yellow grassy plains, It is much like a savanna it is also very green and has a small amount of wetlands through the area. Nagrand used to be covered in a blanket of snow during Draenor’s winters. although it hasn’t been seen in a long time and is uncertain if outland has regular seasons any more.


That is perty much a small and brief history of Nagrand My faveret place in-game. and there are a couple of small out-of-the-way places that a lots of people don’t know about and one of them is Challe’s home for little tykes, It is high in the mountains between Zanger marsh and Nagrand and you do need a flying mount to get there as there is no road access for ground mounts. As you walking to the little yard the first thing you see is a big ol sand box to the left with a little orc boy named Jara standing there amongst some big bones and Chaddo chaces Sa’rah around the yard. Challe stands watch next to what could only be called a very strand mary go round with four little baby’s hang from it and go in a circle none stop. It is almost directly north of Lughingskull ruins. My other favored spot is a small floating island just north of the town of Telaar and is high in the sky with a small water fall coming from out of the side of it as the water falls you never can see it hit the ground it just dissaperes at some point before getting to the ground.