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End time

These are always strange times in the life cycle of an expansion the very last patch before the new expansion that will come out. We know this will be the Mists of pandara and it will take place on the content of Pandara, but the thing is that at this point most people have completed all that they want to in the game be for the next expansion. its getting harder to get groups for dungeons the Q’s for dungeons are getting longer unless you’re a tank or healer and even as a healer its taking longer to get a dungeon no where s as long as a dps but it’s geting longer. Yes I am sure some of this may be in due to the recent release of SWTOR. So like I said most have completed what they want to in-game whether that be dungeons, raids, pet collection or even grinding factions with different groups. So what is there to keep your interest when you have completed all that you have wanted too what keeps you logging back in every night to keep playing untill the next expansion.


Make your own Legendary weapon

My own Legendary weapon would of course be for my Hunter and would be a bow.

Thal’dalish Heart of the corruption.

Ranged                                                      Speed:3.20


Damage 1850 – 2879

(854.3 damage per second)

  • 218 Agility

  • 238 Stamina

Equip: you no longer have a chance to miss on any target.

Equip: Increases your haste by 25%

Equip: Each time you use your Cobra shot ability you are healed for 3% of your total health and you pet is healed for 5% of it’s total health.

This is my legendary and it is quite a weapon to say the least. First off you no longer have to worry about a hit rating, So you can now work on other stats such a haste or crit to increase your dps out put.

Quest lines for this will start in north rend and they Wrymrest accord and you are to track down A old dwarf hunter Named Hager Norcan who knows where you can start looking for the raw martereals and parts for your new gun. This would be a long epic journey for me and my bear yogurt but in the end we would have had an adventure of a life time. And one final note to this is its stats would always scale with my pet and my ability and level.

4.3 Beast Mater hunter rotations.


In Cataclysm the beast master hunter rotation is more of a priority rotation then specific order. You will be spending you time managing you cool downs. First you need to make sure your in aspect of the hawk the apply hunter’s mark and serpent sting after this your rotation will be the following.

1. Hunters mark every time you change to a new target.

2. Kill command every time it’s up. (It requires 40 focus)

3. Serpent sting (this will be refreshed every time you use cobra shot.

4. Kill shot (when target is below 20% health.

5. Arcane shot (use this to bleed off extra focus, but remember you will need to keep 40 focuses for when your Kill command is off cool down.

6. Cobra shot (This will regenerate focus and also refreshes your serpent sting)

Kill command is your main ability as a beast master and you should use it every time it is off of cool down. Using Arcane shoot to bleed off your extra focus and then when you start to get low on focus use cobra shoot to gain focus back and reapply serpent sting.

Focus Fire Should be used every time it process and you will get a big signal on your screen every time this happens. This will give you a 15% hast boost witch helps with your focus regeneration.

Fervor. Instantly adds 50 focuses to both you and your pet it is a nice boost to your focus when you need to burn down a boss.

Bestial wrath. With 1 point into the best within your pet cause’s 20% more damage for 10 sec. And you deal 10% more damage for 10 sec. And reducing the focus cost of all shots by 50% for 10 sec.

Rapid fire Increases your ranged attack speed by 50% for 10 sec.

Cool downs you should use in every single encounter:

Bestial wrath


Rapid fire

Cool downs Should be used immediately and for the full length that they are active (such as don’t activate bestial wrath and only use say 6 or 7 seconds worth of it then stop firing. A good way to use them would be say like this Bestial wrath, spam Kill command and arcane shot, and then pop Fervor when your focus is depleted and then start using Cobra shot to regain focus.


Prime Glyph’s

1. Kill Command

2. Kill Shoot

3. Arcane shoot

Major Glyph’s

1. Bestial wrath

2. Trap launcher

3. Mending

Minor Glyph’s

1. Feign death

2. Revive pet

3. Your choice

Days, Months and years in WoW

This the new shared topic for BlogAzeroth. first thought of by Rioriel.

Time passes, in real life and in WoW. But except for how long a day and a year are, we know virtually nothing about the calendar in Azeroth. Are there also twelve months in Azeroth as there are here? How long are they? Only because February is 28 days long in the calendars of Western civilizations doesn’t mean Azeroth’s February has to have the same length.
As there are many different civilizations with their own languages spread throughout Azeroth, what names might the days and months have?


So How would the day’s week’s and month’s past in wow for my toon. I would have to look at it from the point of view of my hunter who was a orphin and raised by dwarfs. As my hunter spends most of his time in the woods hunting he would more the likely but using a 3 month or 1/4 calendar to measure the seasons. What he would be able to hunt and where he could hunt such thing. As winter sets in for most of Azeroth he would probably ether make his way to Outlands to hunt Clefhoof for meat and fur or head towards Thelsamare For the winter season to spend it with his old friends from when he was growing up. For what he would call them would probably be related closely to how the Dwarfs look at their calendar. He would also more than likely celibate their special holidays for the most part.

Whay play a Beast Mater hunter

The most obvious Reason Is, That it is a great leveling spec. Your pet does more damage and holds agrow a lot better and then there are the special pets that only a Beast Master Hunter can tame.

The following is a list of the pet’s that only a BM hunter can tame.
Devil Saurs
Core Hounds
Shale Spiders

To tame any one of these pets you must spend at least 31 points in the beast master tree and get the last talent Beast Mastery this allow’s you to tame these very Exotic animals and add them t your own stable. Each one has there own ability and talents, So why not go out and enjoy your very own special pet. Not every one will have some of these as some of them are extremely rare spawns.
These are the really fun pet’s so have a blast with them I myself love my Devil saur Blind Spot. he’s big and you can’t hardly see around him. So enjoy hunters.

Shared topic. blog Azeroth

Well the latest shared topic from Blog Azeroth.  This weeks topic is, what would you do if your main was ported to the real world. where would they stay what would they where. Or the better question is what would they do with their powers to help out in the world.


Well since I’m a hunter, I would probably find my self some kind of old style of pub or in to stay at. He is a Night Elf hunter and but was raised by Dwarfs due to the  fact that his parents were both killed in a skirmish with Ogers. He would be right at home in a place like this, it would be like being right at home there. As for food anything he could forage in the woods or forest to eat.  What to ware probably lose fitting clothes of earth tones or natural colors.

To help out with his special skill my hunter would spend a lot of time doing what he does in-game, that would be hunting. Where he would gather meat and skins to help feed the hungry and clothe the less fourtenet in the area as it is a hard striken area that has lost most of its industry and what farms are left are perty much failing. being a leather worker he would be making clothing for them who needs it.


So Kajite inn are world would try to be the best person he could be by helping out those people who are unable to help them self. and enjoy the life that he has found here and has started here.


Amerence Was the one to come up with this topic this time around.

BM 4.3 changes

Beast Master Hunters. Not  a whole lot of changes with this pacth for us. I will up date as we get hot ifxes and new news.

  • Monstrous Bite now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.
  • Talent Specializations
    • Beast Mastery
      • Animal Handler now increases Attack Power by 30%, up from 25%.
      • Widow Venom now reduces the target’s healing received by 25%, up from 10%.
      • Burrow Attack now does approximately 20% more damage, and has an increased area of effect.
      • Froststorm Breath now does approximately 20% more damage, and has an increased area of effect.