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Shared topic new race for Mists of Pandara

I am finally starting to  participate in Blog Azeroths’s shared topic, This one Is brought to us by Mia It is a topic that is listed for all to write about and this one centers on a new race for The Mists of Pandara. Since a lot of people are not pleased with the announcement of Pandas as the new race for both the Hored and Alliance. Since the Devs at Blizzard have decided to stick with one race for both factions, So have I and thus I give you the Oni Construct.

Oni  are creatures from Japanese folk-lore variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls, but for me they are more of a malevolent spirit. They have been Captured Buy the undead forces of the frozen north and into their service to wreak havoc In the lands of Pandara. For the most part they look like and unformed body of grayish black smoke. Once they are in combat their body’s solidify and become more solid. There only combat ability is to be able to take over two enemies at one time and control them, as they do this they will use one as a shield to protect its own body as they have to other defences. The other one they are controlling would be used as their weapon controlling then to do they’re fighting for them. As for a racial they would have plan shifting, Kind of like a Mages teleport but with a 3 hour cool down and they could shift to any where in the known universe.


Around Azeroth

Hell everyone. As I start this I am not going to concentrate on a specific class, for I have multiple level 85 toon’s at this time. I have been playing WOW since around patch 1.3. I will use this to recorded my times and experiences in-game and at times I will talk about very specific class’s. So bear with me this is my first blog ever and together I hope this will be a fun and interesting time.