Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor


So it has been announced, Warlords of Draenor at Blizz con 2013. So we will be playing In what used to be Draenor before it was ripped asunder and became out lands, yes kids this is a time travel expansion pack. I my self will not be getting it to  the headache of time travel paradoxes.


What do we get with this xpac, well a lot actually


  1. New world: Draenor
  2. Build and upgrade your Garrison= player housing
  3. New character models
  4. Level cap raised to 100
  5. New dungeons and raids
  6. Boost to 90 and play immediately


So basicly what happens is Garrosh Hellscream escapes and travels back in time to Draenor before the orcs drank the demon blood and became the Horde. He wants to rebuild them as the Iron Horde. And this is the bassist for or next xpac.





There will be 7 new dungeons at launch to run through.


  • Blood Maul slag mines
  • Black Rock Depot
  • Auchindoun
  • Arakkoa Spires
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
  • Iron Barracks
  • Returning – Upper Black rock Spire


With black Upper Black rock spire playing a prominent role in the Warlords of Drarnor storyline, but in a entirely new context.




There are also going to be 3 brand new raids at launch time to.


  • Black rock Foundry
  • High maul
  • World bosses



New Raid structure

         in 6.0 Raid finder will be 10-25 mans and flex will be normal 10-25 and the old normal 10, 25 will now be 10-25 Heroic. The old heroic 10 and 25 man will now be 20 man Mythic.


       This is what I have been waiting for, player housing and its customizable and upgradeable. So you start to build your garrison and add buildings then attract followers, witch are NPC’s that you can send on missions and quests for you. As you gain levels from 90-100 your followers get better and gain more power and are more likely to be able to finish missions successfully In the begin you will send then out on missions that are say 1 hour 3 hours or even a day, but soon they will be gone a week at a time.

      Upgrading your Barracks will do two things, one it will change the look of the building on the out side, but will also change things you can do. Such as have a bigger barracks to house more followers and better miners who can mine more or in a shorter time. Or even strike a epic vain every so often.

   I think this will be a very fun xpac over all even with the time travel stuff throughout in.


Managing life and gaming with balance

Managing your gaming with your real life responsibility can be a very difficult thing to do especially if you have no self-control and do not set priorities. To have a happy and healthy relationship with your spouse and children you must give them the time and attion they need and deserve, but in return they must give you what you need and if that’s time for gaming then you need to work out a system so you all are happy. With me I don’t usually play before 8pm during the week and almost never on the weekend, as the weekend is family time and is the only time I get to see my wife and son together as a family.

So what do I set as priorities well my family are always number one, then comes work and after that it is entertainment which for me is gaming. During the week I’m home in the evening with my son and he goes to bed at 8pm so from 8 till when I need to goto bed to get enough sleep to function well at work is when I play. On the weekend it’s all about the family so that’s what I do is spend time with the wife and son.

Priority’s, so if they were not where they needed to be and I just gamed when ever I thought, I wouldn’t have a happy wife as i wouldn’t be spending the time with her and giving her the attion she deserves and my son would possibly think I don’t love him, So I must as we all must manage are gaming and it will be different for everyone as each persons life will be a little or a lot different.

In closing you must figure out your priorities and stick to them.


Podcasting up date.

A couple of weeks ago I had posted that I had gotten a podcasting studio set up. I got it all set up come up with an idea and made a short podcast about 20 minutes at the most. But I’m have in problems with a low-level humming noise in the back ground and I am working diligently to figure it out and also I am scared to death to put my self out there more than I already am with this blog. So I’m trying and maybe soon ill have the nerve and technical issues figured out soon.

My new guild

As of late I have not had a single toon in a guild, and when I say as of late I mean at lest 6 months but recently I had jumped on my druid wich Is a boomkin although he was levels from level 10 to 85 as a resto Druid. Well any how back to my first thought I happened to jump on my druid and run a couple of 5 man regulars as a boomkin and was trying to figure out my rotation as this was my first time in a dungeon as Dps on my druid. unannounced to me their was someone in their from my realm and didn’t realise it and soon after they invited me to join there guild, but I said thanks but no I am no longer a raider and I just level, farm herbs and run random regular 5 man’s. That Is when he told me that the guild wasnt a raiding guild and focused more on leveling and some 5 man stuff, so I figured that I would give it a try. I now have a new guild, but as usual I’m just another anonymous number in the ranks doing my normal whip tail runs in Uldum when someone asked in G-chat if anyone wanted to help out a level 84 run some random dungeons and why I said I would I have no clue but I did and got invited to the group and was promptly asked to sign into Vent! Yikes This is a scary thing for me I’m going to have to be talking to strangers I don’t like this idea at all but I’m trying to be a little more out going, So I do as im asked and join in vent and the person in charge of the group starts to talk and more to the point to me. He was very friendly and nice as we continued on through 4 regular 5 mans that night and I had a blast.

I made a new friend.

I long in the next night and go on about my normal thing and a few minutes in later I get a pm from someone asking me to help out with a Heroic Dead mines. It was the same person as the previous night and he likes my play style and the conversations we were having. As it turns out he is the GM of my new little home although It’s not as little as I thought it was we have just over 800 toons in the guild with just over 550 members as he tells me that he likes the guild more as a leveling guild and a helping guild, even though people to come and go because we don’t have a strong raid presents some do raid when they can get people together to do it that is not what the guild is all about.

Finlay a home

I may have found my self a new permanent home as it has a friendly core group of people and focused on what I am focused on for the most part. I hoop I have found a place In WoW to finally hang my hat at permanently, for I am enjoying it far more than I have actually enjoyed the game in almost a year or two. So if this works out I may be bringing the rest of my toons over to my new home soon.



ok un knowen to me the wife who I love dearly has went and bought me a starter setup for podcasting, just because she heared me once say that it would be neat to do A podcast. She tells me her reasoning for this Is to help me be more out going. yeah terror is seting in now.


I have not posted anything on my blog in months. The main reason being two-fold, one I am just not that good of a writer. It’s not that I don’t have the desire or anything to say, but from a technical stand point im just not that good mathematic’s was always my strong point and reason number two and this is a big one I am a introverted and have a hard time putting my self out there for others and see and criticise. I do not know why I am this way maybe it’s because I was an only child and growing up it was just me and my mother for the most part and I got used to the solitude I just am not really sure about it at all.

As I try to and work through this and get away from it I have got my self were I am in charge of several people in my chosen field and I have to interact with then on an hour by hour basis, but then again I think it’s more that I am getting comfortable with this set group of people so it doesn’t bother me as much. I often wonder why I am this way for my mother and father were not like this at all in fact they were quite the opposite and very out going and social people. Even at family functions I would be off to the side all by my self ether reading or drawing and these are people I have grown up with and known all my life. I think the worse part for me is the face to face inter action of just me and one other person that I do not know at all, like when a stranger would come up to you and ask you if you knew where something was located at. It feels as my gut is being torn to shred’s.

Will I ever be able to over come this on my own and is it even possible to get past it even with help and yes that is another fear of mine getting help for this from a total stranger yeah I’m going to do that sure. I am married and I do have a son and he is now 5 years old and is playing T-ball wich is hard for me but for the most part I don’t have to talk to the people there. My son relay enjoys being there with every one and talking and playing with all his little friends and he just soaks up all the attention he gets from every one. I am so very happy that he is like his mother in that aspect. As for me some days it is very hard for me as a left-handed only child that is an introvert, but I keep trying every day and this Is another attempt to reach out and tell people I am here and I want to be a part of life.

20 days of WoW blogging Day 8 – 10 things you didnt know about me.

Ten things you didnt know about me, wow there a lot of things most people dont know about me.


1. Im shy and with drawn.

2. I am a only child and my father didnt want anything to do with me.

3. I am x millitary, spent 9 years in the Army until a accedent made it impossable for me to perform my dutys. Medical discharge

4. I only have one child and didn’t have him untill I was 40.

5. I love drawing but never tried to publish or post anything. The possibility of rejection of my art would crush me completely.

6. I have a degree in Philosophy, and it is not worth the paper it’s printed on. I mean who gets a degree in Philosophy any how?

7. I love to read books. most kinds of books too.

8. I am left-handed and most of the people on my mother’s side are also left-handed.

9. I pretend to me mean and grumpy to keep people at bay so I wont get to know then and that way there is no chance for them to let me down disappoint me or betray me in any way.

10. I dont like the cold and snow of winter but I chosse to live in Mishigan, I was born and raised here so It’s home to me.